Stunning Archaeological Discoveries! What Is Common To The Mexican Pyramids And Russian Wooden Dolls?

Stunning archaeological discoveries! What is common to the Mexican pyramids and Russian wooden dolls?

Ten meters high pyramid was found inside the two previously known pyramid at the archaeological site of Chichen Itz in the Mexican state of Yucatan belonging to pre Columbian Maya culture which shows that the truncated pyramid built like a Russian wooden doll.

The discoveries of the third, the oldest and least pyramid reveals that the pyramid Chichen Itz built in three phases.

Culture Maya Indians in Central America has reached a pinnacle in the 6th century, but collapsed in the 16th century, the arrival of the conquistadors. A recently discovered the smallest pyramid was built between 550 and 800 AD, the researchers note.

Central pyramid was discovered 30 years ago and is considered to date back to somewhere between 800 and 1000 years, while the maximum is believed that the completed between 1050 and 1300 AD.

The pyramids were built like a Russian matryoshka, under more lies less, “said scientist Rene Chavez Seguro at a press conference.

There are various reasons for the construction of the pyramids one above the other, and include the deterioration of the structure itself and the arrival of new rulers to power, experts say.

They point out that the smallest pyramid discovered by using non-invasive techniques such as clarification of the interior of the pyramid in order to establish internal damage.

The discoveries of a third, so far at least pyramid gives new insight into the culture of the Maya before she began to mix with the population of central Mexico.

Last year areholozi found that Kukulkan pyramid built above the depression or the underground river, and Maya worshiped the naturally occurring phenomenon that is common in this area.

Pyramid of Chichen Itz was inscribed on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage, and every year visited by a million tourists.

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