Sunglasses that can record video

It is expected that the sunglasses be presented in New York next week. They will be able to record video with a duration of a maximum of 10 seconds.

The company Snapchat announced that they will release a gadget called Spectacles, which resemblaes of the sun glasses with an integrated camera for recording videos. The product will be available only a certain number of copies, with price at around $ 130.

Spectacles will come in three colors and one size. The user of these glasses will can to press button in near of the handles and record video for up to 10 seconds of course with  the lens of his glasses. The product is the first electronic device for commercial use of the company from Los Angeles.

Snapchat social network this year is estimated at 18 billion dollars. Because its greater ambitions and the company changed its official name to Snap Inc. From Snap say that Spectacles record video with a round shape which can be viewed in full screen.

The device then wirelessly send photos to your smartphone. In some respects there are similarities with the Google Glass Alphabet Inc. The prototype glasses are tested early in 2015. Below you can see the promotional video for glasses, which are expected to be presented in New York next week.

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