Sweden bans shooting with drones (Video)

Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden banned flying of drones and shooting with cameras, which means that their owners will need a special permit that drone used exclusively to prevent criminal activities or accidents.

The same court brought ruled that we can use cameras attached to helmets or bikes because they cameras go where  go owners. While drones are operated remotely and can be used for spying. The Court finds that the cameras of the drones can be used for monitoring of private property.

This move upset the drone industry in Sweden, whose market is growing continuously, employing thousands of people and millions of dollars worth. This decision prohibits the use of drones to capture weddings, races, for photographing nature and for journalistic purposes.

Commercial owners of drones grumbling, but Swedish media note that the law for restricting for recording with drone, will be hard to implement in practice.

Amateurs probably no problems will continue to record with drone because of the numerous loopholes. It is thought that the new law will increasingly damage the industry media.

Banned shooting with drones:

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