System for achieving “invisibility”

Rochester Cloak (cloak Rochesterska) is an experiment that simulates the “invisibility” through several lenses and e work of researchers at the University of Rochester. They now promoted using displays with flat screen, whereby a particular subject before which it is placed can be made “invisible” by projecting background displays an angle that changes as you change the position of the observer.

invisibility system

The basic concept by which this effect is achieved is transfer of light around the subject to be “invisible”, and compared to other systems for reaching a settlement that require exotic materials and high technology to which everyone has access, system researchers Rochester using existing cameras and displays are easy to be coming.

The communications system uses a camera with which scan the background, and then that information is encoded in a way that each pixel screen offers a unique view of a particular point of the background, from every position in which it is located observer.

Then, the screen of plastic made of lenticular lenses recreate multiple images of the background that correspond to the position from which you see, so if the observer is moving to the left, every part of the background to do the same, creating the illusion that the screen no, and that each object is located behind is “invisible”.

invisibility system

For now the background scanning takes a few minutes until completed or until the process and restore the image on the screen, but in the future it is planned to happen in real time.

By using this method (when perfect), it would be possible a particular subject (eg. Car) to make the “invisibility” as it would be covered with cameras / sensors on one side, and small lenses ie ” pixels “on the other side. The cameras will record the background to the project sochivata facing towards observers, so that from their point of view even if you move the vehicle will look like is unknown.

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