The New Discovery Will Allow To Touch The Video, Not Just Watching It

The new discovery will allow to touch the video, not just watching it. Watching video is basically a fairly passive action. Information coming to your eyes, the brain processes them and you accept them. However, the researchers of the Laboratory for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence of the American University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed a new technology that videos could do more interactive.

The development team of its new discovery called ‘dynamic interactive video. This introduced technology uses cameras to record even the smallest vibrations and uses algorithms to calculate how the filmed object move and behave. In a video demonstration of the screen show the simulation of a bush that was recorded while blowing a light breeze.

Thanks to the calculations of the movement of the bush, the team was able to manipulate the recording and display to the bush if moved by touch.

Probably the greatest use of this technology could have in the enlarged reality, as well as the special effects used in fillings. The researchers suggest that the use of their invention could mean less shooting against green screens, which would be very good because the use of real landscapes always gives much truer results. Computer-generated characters often find themselves in front of objects from real life, and this would be their technology could make a much better interaction that would look a lot more realistic than before.

Researcher and doctoral student from the said team Abe Davis points out to a very popular game in augmented reality Pokemon GO also could be substantially enhanced by interactive dynamic video. If any of the beasts which players seek to find, for example, a pile of leaves, it now appears to her and that’s it. In addition to their use of new technology, says Davis, pokemon could interact with the said pile of leaves instead of just sitting on it.

As is usually the case with prototypes, it will probably take a long time, this technology is not perfected enough to actually benefit and had very concrete commercial applications. But she really could not do games, movies and video much more interactive than is currently the case.

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