Veles Mladost Lake: Winter Idyll With Gorgeous Swan, Geese And Ducks (VIDEO)

Veles Mladost Lake: Winter Idyll With Gorgeous Swan, Geese And Ducks.

After so many years, the wonderful Lake Mladost in VELES, got frozen and the rare birds were as ornaments at the glassy lake.

The nature was so beautiful that people were attracted by it. Especially they enjoyed watching the birds that were very hungry.

During the day, the families with their little kids made the picture more amazing around the lake.


This scene of the frozen lake which is a very rare phenomenon happened only once in fifty years like this, and it became a special experience for the young people because they have never seen the Lake in this condition.

Many of them were very happy and enjoy skating, sledging and ice skating for the first time in their life at the lake. Little kids fed the birds with their pop corns, bread and seeds.

Even the birds were very friendly to people. You cannot even choose what is more beautiful the Lake or the birds.

Come and enjoy in the wonderful nature of Veles Mladost Lake. Now you can enjoy with the videos below:

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