Watson AI Cured A Woman From Leukemia

IBM’s Watson AI artificial intelligence diagnosing rare diseases that doctors could find.

Every time we hear of IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence, to wit that comes victory computers against human opponents in a quiz challenge, but this is super clever system so far has already found a number of other clever ways of applications, including medicine.

Watson AI has recently achieved his greatest achievement thus saving the first time a human life. Doctors and scientists from the University of Tokyo reported that artificial intelligence is a rare form of leukemia diagnosed in one 60-year old female patient, which the doctors a few months ago totally wrong treated.

Watson j took only 10 minutes to comparing the genetic changes in patients with the data base of 20 million scientific papers on the topic of cancer treatment identified a rare type of leukemia, and thanks to his diagnosis of the patient started to receive proper treatment, giving her at the last moment saved a life.

Watson AI

Doctors say that Watson AI is not all-powerful in the diagnosis, because it is effective only in those cases where it can rely on a huge database, no state that could be very useful in those situations when you get a case of some extremely rare disease, because it will save you a lot time doctors who would otherwise be alone to study a large number of scientific papers, or hope that they will some other hospital or doctor like dr. House’s help.

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