Did the whales mourn their dead just like humans? (VIDEO)

Whales are smart and sociable beings, according to new research at least 7 species of these marine mammals mourn their dead, indicating their strong interconnection.

“The most likely explanation for the rejection of such animals to be forgiven of his dead friend or relative is grief. They deplored. They are in pain and under stress and just know that something is wrong, “said Melissa regent, a biologist at the University of Milan, Italy and a co-author of the study.

Scientists discover a growing number of species – from giraffes to chimpanzees, who behave in this way. It raises many debates about whether the animals have emotions, and if you have, like those emotions should not affect the way of the humans treat other creatures.

By analyzing the reports and other research, scientists have found such behavior among seven species of whales, which means it is very common. They stand out many similar examples, including one where a mother on the type of whales killer (Orca whale) you carried her dead baby’s head, constantly trying to being out of the water (represented in the figure) and an example of dolphin who has not departed dead body of another smaller dolphin in the Red Sea.

Sadness animals can be defined as emotional distress combined with disruption to normal behavior, explains Barbara King, a professor of anthropology and author of “How complaining animals” (eng. How animals grieve). The animals go through a period when experiencing the same kind of grief and sorrow like people when a loved one dies.

New research published in the “J o u r n a l  o f  M a m m a l o g y“.

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